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Freshly made from our own Pizza dough

50 Points


NEW! A chewy banana flavour mousse rippled together with chocolate sauce, nestling on a thick layer of toffee flavour mousse, topped with rich chocolate flavour mousse, sprinkled with caramel blossoms and feathered with chocolate fudge.

90 Points


Freshly made from our own Pizza dough with Melted Cheese

75 Points

HAAGEN-DAZS 100ml MINICUP - Belgian Chocolate

Made with real Belgian Chocolate

100 Points

HAAGEN-DAZS 100ml MINICUP - Cookies & Cream

Rich Vanilla Ice Cream and crunchy pieces of Chocolate Cookie.

100 Points

HAAGEN-DAZS 100ml MINICUP - Strawberries & Cream

Rich Strawberry Ice Cream and sweet summer strawberries.

100 Points


Supremely Rich and Luxurious Classic Favourite

100 Points


Yummy chocolate cake filled, topped & side coated with a rich chocolate fudge.

90 Points

Coca-Cola 330ml Can

The biggest selling soft drink in the world!

50 Points

Diet Coke 330ml Can

First introduced in 1982 now one of the biggest selling diet soft drinks.

50 Points

Fanta 33ml Can

Fanta is the second oldest brand of the Coca-Cola Company

50 Points

Coca-Cola 1.5ltr Bottle

The biggest selling soft drink in the world - 1.5 litres of it!

75 Points

Diet Coke 1.5ltr Bottle

1.5 litres of one of the most successful Coca-Cola Company Brands

75 Points

Fridge Magnet

Mr Snappy 'Have a Great Day!' Fridge Magnet with your local store information

20 Points

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